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We're Hiring Ambassadors


To be an Ambassador of One Fab Design, you must have at least 1000 or more followers to be eligible. We will do extensive research to make sure your profile is eligible for our program. Once approved, we will send you various products for free! In-return, we require two or more photos wearing the merchandise. You give consent and understand that the staff of One Fab Design will publish the photos and/or videos on our website, social media sites, and/or any marketing material of One Fab Design. 

You agree to hold One Fab Design harmless from any claims of bodily injury. Please make sure you are not allergic to the material(s) listed in the description of the free merchandise of your choice.

Any additional merchandise you may like to purchase will be 30% off. We will also provide you with your own discount code to share with your IG Followers, Family, and Friends etc.

After approval of your application, a welcome email will follow with a discount code for 1 free merchandise from our website to get you started.

Thanks for submitting!